Do you want to maximise the potential of your documentation process or achieve more efficient work methods? Years of experience, specialists optimally trained in various sectors and our wide network which includes various companies and departments give us the ability to actively support you. This can provide the competitive advantage you need.
The ID center is specialised on technical documentation in the aviation industry, but it can also offer extensive consulting in other sectors. Our consulting service is practically orientated, derives from our daily work and thus is constantly being developed and always adapted to current market conditions.

Proficient and professional consulting by the ID center

Technical documentation is subject to strict and complicated legal regulations. International guidelines, such as, ATA100/200, S1000D, Spec2000/2100 und ATA iSpec 2200 give detailed reference about technical documentation standards in aviation. Added are special customer requirements. This often leads to customer queries about legal conformity, uniformity and technical correctness of their work.

The ID center has obtained extensive knowledge about correct procedures and compliance with guidelines through close cooperation with international groups such as Airbus. Contact us for an extensive consulting on a wide spectrum of topics about technical documentation in aviation and to gain a competent partner, who can offer individual solutions and who adapts to the situation in your company to your best advantage. Our consulting service includes topics such as:

  • Demand analysis
  • Documentation analysis
  • Concept development
  • Implementation of feedback management
  • Process optimising
  • S1000D documentation up to 4.1
  • S1000D data modules up to 4.1
  • Service bulletins
  • ATA 100 / 200 / iSpec 2200 documents: WDM, AMM, SPM, FIM, AVM, TSM and CMM
  • S2000M documentation
  • Creation of coloured illustrations with hot spots
  • Maintenance and service manuals in all languages
    (Ground Support Equipment, Avionic Equipment)
  • Field manual H011 / B007
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Documentation (IETD)
  • Documentation in simplified technical English (ASD-STE100) and all other languages
  • 3D simulations and animated graphics
  • Conversion of existing documentation
  • GAF T.O. A-0-1, C-2-1, C-1-4
  • SGML, XML, SQL, CGM oder ODA Standard