Constructive feedback is the key to success, because we all know that customer satisfaction and service go hand in hand. But what happens in the absence of criticism or credit? It is assumed that everything is alright and development comes to a standstill or, even worse, goes in the wrong direction.
Do you use customer feedback to its full potential? Often this is not the case, because in the industry of technical documentation it is not custom to say so, if one is not satisfied. Instead, many customers abruptly turn their back on their service contractors without warning or giving a valid reason. The devastating problems arising in the absence of feedback are obvious.

Feedback management: concept development with the ID center

How can you continuously add value of customer relationships? You have to rely on a systemised feedback management, which administers all given information dynamically in a constant cycle and prepares it for evaluation. For the start-up phase of a product or project it is vital that the feedback management covers the complete product cycle. All the details have to be looked at in context to each other, so the given feedback can be used to your company’s advantage.

The ID center gives support in this by not only offering an analysis, but also a solution. We support benchmark investigations, issue market statistics, polish up your service management and evaluate warranty cases and good will cases. Further measures are:

  • Development of a survey approach
  • Analysis and definition of the current situation
  • Setup of a quality report
  • Generation of measures and guidelines for future quality management
  • Evaluation and assessment