Service management is taking over a key role in contemporary economy. Nowadays a good product is not only defined by its quality or usability, but also largely by the service that comes with it. Large companies have realised the connection between excellent service and customer satisfaction and are using this fact to their full advantage. A good example is the label Apple.

It is essential to set up and expand service structures that correspond to changing customer service requirements, particularly when new products or models are implemented. It requires a high level of market knowledge and knowledge about current standards to perceive these changing customer service requirements in due time and to implement according structures.

Service management: improve your service with the ID center

The ID center can give support in improving your service, whether it concerns a product in its preparation phase or existing service structures. We analyse processes and identify possible chances and improvements. An example for a service package:

  • Analysis of existing service structures
  • Requirement forecast
  • Distinction against competitive companies (market analysis)
  • Training: maintainability & ease of servicing and techniques
  • Summery

Find the ideal partner for the implementation of efficient service structures in the ID center. Our experience and proximity to important industries and the corresponding networking gives us the ability to optimally classify your service and to identify aspects that are worthy of improvement or to detect possible chances for your future.