The importance of courses and further training is indicated by their double added value. The company gains highly trained employees, which contribute to an increase of economic efficiency and who are also a source of new knowledge and competences. Thanks to knowledge logistics, qualified personnel therefore has a positive influence on the company. A good training enables employees to make their jobs more interesting by being able to master more demanding tasks, and to reinforce their own position within the company.

Important for both parties is: training has to add value. Therefore the right choice of trainings and instructors is essential.

Courses and trainings with the ID center

Thanks to a wide stretched network, the ID center has a choice of highly trained instructors at command. Because courses are job related, attention can be directed towards actuality and real necessity of mediated information, e.g. use of relevant vocabulary, current legal basics and standards, such as STE-100, S1000D, ATA i2200.
The courses we offer are practically orientated, as the compiling of training materials is closely connected to the technical documentation. Both, the training materials as well as the technical documentation, show the same coherences to the target group, and the concepts are drawn up in close cooperation with our partners.

Our trainings are carried out in cooperation with the ID center academy and offer a wide choice. Some examples:

  • A wide choice of Adobe programmes
  • ProEngineer
  • Microsoft Office
  • Project management
  • Air traffic law
  • Human factors